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Ladybug® Folsom El Dorado Hills Lawn Landscape Care Garden Yard Maintenance Irrigation Sprinkler Repair Service Sacramento Granite Bay California Ladybuglawn®
Ladybug ® Lawn Landscape Care Packages - Weekly Monthly Garden Yard Maintenance Service Folsom El Dorado Hills Sacramento Granite Bay California
Ladybug combined lawn and landscape plant maintenance gardening service
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Ladybug ® Lawn Landscape Care Packages - Weekly Monthly Garden Yard Maintenance Irrigation Repair Service Folsom El Dorado Hills Sacramento Granite Bay California
Ladybug ® Irrigation Repair Service Save Conserve Water Fix Sprinkler Systems Recycled Drought Water Management Folsom El Dorado Hills Sacramento Serrano EID California
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About Ladybug ® Lawn Landscape Care & Repair Garden Yard Irrigation Maintenance Service Folsom Serrano EID El Dorado Hills Sacramento California
Ladybug's ® GREEN Philosophy Healthy Sustainable Landscapes Environmentally Beneficial Landscaping Greenscaping Water Conservation Recycled Water & Green Waste Grasscycling Organic Greener Earth
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About Ladybug ® Lawn Landscape Care & Repair Garden Yard Irrigation Maintenance Service Folsom El Dorado Hills Sacramento California
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 Ladybug's Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable GREEN Philosophy 

Going GREEN doesn't mean giving up green, colorful, healthy yards and landscapes. A healthy and sustainable landscape not only improves the value of your home and neighborhood - it can be a fun, relaxing and safe place for you and your family. A healthy landscape can help clean our air; provide shade and cooling benefits; and provide shelter and food for beautiful butterflies, birds and many other beneficial critters ... including Ladybugs!

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At Ladybuglawn we use environmentally beneficial landscaping practices with a balanced approach where less is often more. For your health, your families health and for the long term health of our Earth. We use natural methods and practices to promote the health of your yard first; but when needed we do use conventional methods. Carefully, selectively and with the least amount needed. It benefits our water resources and our Earth; and also benefits you, your pets and your family.
Water conservation and efficient use of water, including the use of recycled water systems such as in Serrano, will help you Go Green, $ave Green and benefit from a healthy, efficiently irrigated lawn and landscape. Saving water and watering wisely is good for the Earth and good for your plants. Many plant problems can be traced back to watering too much, in the wrong way or at the wrong time. Let Ladybuglawn advise you on your irrigation and watering practices.

At Ladybuglawn we recycle over 95% of the lawn and plant material that comes from your yard. Keeping it out of the landfill and helping turn green-waste into beneficial mulches that return vital nutrients to the earth. One example of this: your lawn clippings and leaves are a valuable natural resource that can be put back into your soil with the use of mulching mowers. The use of mulching lawn mowers is a sound environmental practice that has been well documented and used by professional golf courses for years.

All of which will lead to a healthier and greener yard
and a healthier and Greener Earth
For Information on Healthy Landscape Practices & Water Saving Tips Use the Links Below:
Click on this link for more Water Saving Ideas. Take a look at the EID Water Saving Tips for more information on recycled water systems. Click for more information on Environmentally Beneficial Landscaping practices, which is also known as IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods at the University of California IPM website.

Choose from weekly, monthly or quarterly lawn, plant or combined lawn and plant service packages:

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LADYBUGLAWN (916) 941-9600. 2201 Francisco Dr. #140-244, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. ServingFolsom & El Dorado Hills near Granite Bay in the Sacramento, California area. Ladybuglawn Landscape Care & Repair provides professional residential lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance service, residential mowing, edging, garden service, plant and small tree care, fertilization and weed treatments, low voltage lighting and irrigation testing and adjusting; sprinkler and irrigation repair services, including recycled irrigation water systems in Serrano and EID - El Dorado Irrigation District areas and water management advice, available on a weekly, twice a month, monthly or quarterly basis. Ladybug's Landscape Care & Repair also provides water saving irrigation and drought water conservation help; water saving irrigation repairs; grass, turf, sod and lawn service with fertilizer; bark refresh and bark installation; grass and lawn aeration, fertilization and compost application; and light yard clean up. Prices subject to change. Some conditions, restrictions and a limited warranty apply. Quotes and estimates are valid seven days and are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Please see the Ladybug residential service agreement for complete details.

LADYBUG® and LADYBUGLAWN® are registered Service Marks.

Ladybuglawn Landscape Care & Repair is approved in the El Dorado Hills development of Serrano and in the EID, El Dorado Irrigation District, for work on Recycled Water Irrigation Systems; and can provide help with implementing Folsom's watering requirements.

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